Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee

The committee deals with different topics related to the landscape of online and mobile payments from new legislation and technical standards coming from the European policy makers tothe latest innovations in the payments market in Europe.

Current policy priorities of the Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee include mobile and innovation in payments and payment systems, e-identification and trust services and card payments.

The Chair of the Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee is Roberto Liscia (Consorzia Netcomm, Italy). Mr. Liscia has a long standing career. After graduating in Nuclear Engineering and obtaining a Master in Business Administration, he developed a long managerial experience in the Fiat Group, at Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and at Arnoldo Mondadori Editore. He then became a management consulting Partner for the Strategy area of PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Besides his role with Ecommerce Europe. Roberto Liscia is a Professor of Industrial Marketing at the Milan Polytechnic University, a member of the Steering Committee of Assinform – the national association of IT companies, and President of Nettcomm, the Consortium for Electronic Commerce.

The Co-Chair of the Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee is Just Hasselaar (, The Netherlands). Besides his role with Ecommerce Europe, Just Hasselaar is a technical expert on the Euro Retail Payments Board, chaired by the European Central Bank, and a member of the Scheme End-User Forum of the European Payments Council. Next to this, Just Hasselaar is an advisor for Payments at, the association for the B2C e-commerce industry in The Netherlands. In this role, Just Hasselaar is secretary of the payments working committee of

The committee is responsible, together with the team in Brussels, for preparing and drafting the following Ecommerce Europe Position Papers: