Ecommerce Benchmark

Compare & improve your e-commerce performance free of charge, anonymously & in real time.

The Ecommerce Benchmark is a free service allowing companies to compare their e-commerce activities based on 21 Key Performance Indicators with those of competitors in an anonymous and safe way.

The Ecommerce benchmark is an initiative from the Ecommerce Foundation, a nonprofit organization which supports both companies and industries. Its mission is to help companies to expand and improve their e-commerce activities with key market data, practical expert insights & cross company benchmarking.

The Ecommerce Benchmark is perfectly suitable for small, medium and large business, in both the B2B and B2C segment.

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Ecommerce Benchmark & Retail Report 2016

This Ecommerce Benchmark & Retail Report 2016 contains valuable information and
insights with which you can continuously improve your e-commerce company.

This report is based on results from the Ecommerce Benchmark and focuses on the Retail sector. In total, 1068 retailers completed the benchmark. On the basis of their anonymous results, this report offers you more information about the differences between sub-industries, company sizes and countries, but also differences between pure players and omni-channel players. In addition, these figures are complemented with the views of leading professionals from the fashion industry and directors of national associations.