General information

Country: Romania

Official language: Romanian

National Association (NA):  ARMO

Currency: New Leu (RON)

Overview of Romanian e-commerce statistics

Online shoppers: 1.9 mn

Average spending per online shopper: €786

E-commerce growth in 2015: 24.2%

Standard VAT-rate: 24%

Romanian online population

Romania’s population exists of 19.9 million people, of which 62% uses the internet. 1.9 million of these internet users shop online. These online shoppers or e-shoppers on average spend €786 per year.

Romanian e-commerce

The Romanian share of e-commerce in the global GDP is 3.1%. In 2015, the e-commerce growth reached €1.4bn, which represents an increase of 24.2%. The VAT-rate in Romania is 24%.

National Association

Asociatia Romana a Magazinelor Online (ARMO)

ARMO (Asociatia Romana a Magazinelor Online) was founded in 2010 and its main goal is to grow e-commerce in Romania, as the main easy and safe way to shop, allowing customers to purchase the goods they want from the comfort of their home. ARMO is supporting online stores and the e-commerce environment locally, developing a code of best practices and a certification program for online stores, and representing the interests of its members to national, local, and supranational authorities.