General information

Country: Portugal

Official language: Portuguese

National Association (NA): ACEPI

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Overview of Portuguese e-commerce statistics

Online shoppers: 3.1 mn

Average spending per online shopper: €1,079

E-commerce growth in 2014: 15.9%

Standard VAT-rate: 23%

Portuguese online population

Portugal’s population exists of 10.4 million people, of which 70% uses the internet. 3.1 million of these internet users shop online. These online shoppers or e-shoppers on average spend €1,079 per year.

Portuguese e-commerce

The Portuguese E-commerce sales reached €3.3bn in 2015, which means there has been a 15.9% e-commerce growth. The VAT-rate in Portugal is 23%.

National Association


Founded in 2000, ACEPI is a non profit organization that works to ensure that the education, legislation and technologies are in place to help Portuguese businesses to profit from digital economy and boosting their businesses. ACEPI brings together the companies that lead the digital economy revolution in Portugal , within its members are  the leading online shops, finance websites, portals, media websites, telecom companies, ecommerce, digital marketing service companies, etc. ACEPI has 7 units that are responsible for promoting and developing each of the market segments they represent, thus constituting an independent and open forum for the debate, enhancement, promotion, generalization and dignify of these matters in Portugal.

“Over the years ACEPI as always kept as a strategic  priority to develop international partnerships with similar organizations that also contribute to the development of digital economy in their countries or regions. eCommerce is a global reality and therefore regions, countries, organizations and companies should work together in order to scope this market and allow cross boarder markets to become a reality. We are delighted to become a member of eCommerce Europe and we look forward to start developing join initiaves,” says Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, President of ACEPI Board of Directors.

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