General Information

Country: Denmark
Official language: Danish, Faroese, Greenlandic, German
National Association (NA): FDIH
Currency: Krone (DDK)

Overview of Danish e-commerce statistics

Online shoppers: 3.7 mn
Average spending per online shopper: €3,111
E-commerce growth in 2015: 17.9%
Standard VAT-rate: 25%

Danish online population

Denmark’s population exists of 5.6 million people, of which 97% uses the internet. 3.7 million of these internet users shop online. These online shoppers or e-shoppers on average spend €3,111 per year.

Danish e-commerce

The Danish E-commerce sales reached €11.7bn in 2015, which means there has been a 17.9% e-commerce growth in 2015. The VAT-rate in Denmark is 25%.

National Association


The Danish e-commerce association is an industry association for companies that use the Internet and other digital channels commercially. FDIH represents major companies and smaller startups as well as companies that provide technical solutions or services for e-businesses. FDIH represent 560 major e-companies spring 2012.

FDIH enhances the Danish e-business by providing knowledge about e-business as well as being involved in the political debate on issues that concern the e-business in Denmark and the EU. FDIH aims to become the leading e-business association with strength to make changes for the e-commerce companies in Denmark.

Become a member!

Becoming a member of FDIH has several advantages:

  1. Free access to the European and Global B2C Ecommerce Light reports
  2. Participation in all activities, events and conferences