Working Committees

The Working Committees are issue-based bodies that determine the overall public affairs strategy on legislative issues at European level.

During the meetings and in continuous liaison with the Ecommerce Europe team in Brussels, the members determine and execute public affairs strategies on key lobbying dossiers.

Working Committee members are  policy experts from the National Associations and Company Members.

Business Partners (and other stakeholders) are often invited to share their knowledge, but they have no voting rights or influence on Ecommerce Europe’s policies.

For more information on how to participate, contact us at

e-Regulations Working Committee

Consumer rights, contract law, data protection & privacy, geo-blocking, online platforms, VAT and taxation and competition issues.

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e-Logistics Working Group

Topics related to the parcel delivery market like postal services, sustainability, distribution and fulfillment issues.

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Digital Transactions and Innovation Working Committee

Mobile and innovation in payments and payment systems, e-identification, trust services and card payments issues.

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