Partners of Ecommerce Europe

Become a partner of Ecommerce Europe and gather insights of the many benefits we offer.

Ecommerce Europe offers several ways of becoming a partner to our association.

Depending on the kind of organization, you can choose from a Business Partnership, an Associative Partnership, a Media Partnership, or you can sign up to the Cross-border webshop Register.

Business Partners

Suppliers of the European e-commerce industry (B2B)

Increase your company’s visibility within our extensive network, make the most of opportunities to gather valuable insights and expertise through sharing information and networking with industry partners.

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Associative Partners

NGOs, (inter)national associations, organizations engaged in e-commerce.

Participate in the European lobbying and advocacy efforts of Ecommerce Europe, increase your association's visibility and enjoy great benefits from our extensive network.

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Media Partners

(Inter)national publishers and publications related to European e-commerce.

Gain visibility by publishing articles on our website, get valuable e-commerce content and make the most of networking opportunities at our events and receive free e-commerce reports.

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Cross-border webshops

B2C companies selling products and/or services online in Europe

Become a retailer in our cross-border webshop register, considerably boost your visibility and gain trust from consumers, stakeholders as well as policy-makers in Europe.

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