The Netherlands

National   E-commerce Association:

The Dutch national association,, launched a website to inform businesses about the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.   In addition, they published the following articles:

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Other news:

  • 20 May: The Netherlands announced it will further ease lockdown measures, as outlined in the exit strategy it presented two weeks ago.
  • 7 May:  The Netherlands presented its roadmap to gradually lift containment measures. As of 11 May, hairdressers, dentists and other so-called ‘contact professions’ will be allowed to resume their work. Elementary schools will reopen as well. As of 1 June, restaurants, museums, and cinemas can reopen for up to a maximum of thirty people. This number will be increased to one-hundred as of 1 July.
  • 21 April: The Netherlands will reopen schools on 11 May with smaller groups of pupils and secondary schools reopen as of 1 June. Bars and restaurants will stay closed until at least 20 May.