National   E-commerce Association:   Adigital

The   Spanish   national e-commerce association, Adigital,   published an article on the state of alarm in Spain and analyzed its impact on e-commerce. More information on recommendations for online stores during the  state of alarm is available here.

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Government sources:

  • Spain has introduced a new €200 billion financial package to help viable companies survive the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. This aid comes in addition to the earlier announced €14 billion support. This unprecedented allocation of resources makes up 20% of Spain’s annual economic output. The main priority is to provide companies with the liquidity they need through public guarantees and the deferral in the payment of taxes.
  • The Spanish government  has decided to close the border for movement of persons as of midnight 17 March. Freight transport is exempt from these measures.

Other news:

  • 18 June: Spain will open borders on 21 June to almost all EU countries. On request of Portugal, the Spanish-Portuguese borders will open only as of 1 July.
  • 04 June: Spain plans to extend the state of emergency for a final time until 21 June.
  • 25 May: Spain announced that it will open up for tourists as of July.
  • 12 May:  Spain will impose a 14-day quarantine on anybody entering the country from abroad. A short list of workers, such as haulers, cross-border workers and health professionals working against the coronavirus, will be exempt as long as they have not been in touch with people infected with the virus.
  • 4 May:  Spain has today started “phase 0” of the government’s exit strategy. Small businesses are allowed to open, and people can go outside, albeit while respecting aged-based time slots designed to protect the most vulnerable and crowds in the streets.
  • 29 April:  Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez said that Spain could return to “a new normal” by the end of June. The Spanish exit strategy consists out of four phases and each phase is expected to last around two weeks. Some regions might be able to move back to normality faster than others in case certain criteria are met.
  • 27 April:  Spain will start relaxing lockdown measures as of May 2, PM Sanchez announced. As of May 2, individual physical activity and walks with family will be allowed.
  • 22 April: Spain announced it will release some lockdown restrictions on children. As of 26 April, children under 14 will be allowed to go for a walk with one parent. This age limit was first put at 12, but has now been extended.