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  • 13 May:   Romania has started to close down news sites for promoting false information related to the pandemic.
  • 5 May:  Romania plans on starting to ease its lockdown as of 15 May, as the country’s state of emergency will expire on 14 May. Hairdressers, dentists and museums will be the first to reopen.
  • 27 April: Romania decided to keep schools closed until September.
  • 21 AprilRomania has announced it will start relaxing lockdown measures after May 15, when the state of emergency comes to an end.
  • 10 April: Romania introduced a ban on the export of certain cereals as a measure to secure national supply during the COVID-19 crisis. Romania’s Interior Minister stated that “during the state of emergency, the export of the following products is prohibited and suspended: wheat, barley, oats, maize, soybeans, flour, seed oil, sugar, biscuits, cakes, everything related to bakery”. EU Member States are still allowed to buy the cereals under the condition they are intended for domestic use and not for export.