National   E-commerce Association: Chamber of Digital Economy

The Polish national association, Chamber of Digital Economy, launched a campaign titled #stayathome, inviting people to buy products online. The Chamber of Digital Economy also gathered inputs from its members related to the situation and forwarded them to Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz and Minister Marek Zagórski.

Government   sources:

The Polish government launched a portal with relevant information on Coronavirus.

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Other news:

  • 22 May: Poland extended its ban on international travel to 6 June. The ban on domestic flights will be extended until the end of May.
  • 20 May: Poland decided its schools will stay closed until the summer holidays, which start end of June.
  • 19 May: Poland is considering reopening its borders on 15 June before lifting the remaining travel restrictions on 1 July, according to deputy prime minister Jadwiga Emilewicz.
  • 13 May:  Poland will enter the third phase of its lockdown exit next week, which means that as of 18 May, hairdressers, restaurants and football pitches will be able to reopen. The country will keep its borders closed for people travelling to Poland until 12 June.
  • 29 April: Poland will announce measures to ease the lockdown in the country. As of May 4, shopping malls, hotels and certain cultural institutions will be able to reopen. As of May 6, some crèches and kindergartens can also reopen. Further release measures will be taken every two weeks.
  • 9 April: Poland has decided to extend some of its lockdown measures. People will have to stay at home and non-essential shops stay closed until 19 April, schools stay closed and international flights are banned until 26 April and the borders remain closed until 3 May.
  •  8 April: Poland announced that it would make an extra €22 billion available for business in the country. The money is available for both SME’s as well as big businesses, with the aim to increase liquidity and keep employees on the payroll. The scheme was approved by the European Commission under the state aid framework.