Government   sources:

The Greek National Public Health Organization has published instructions on the Covid-19 coronavirus. The Greek government has adopted several measures to support the business sector:

  • Facilitation in public and private sectors for employees to work different hours, or from home; any additional costs associated with this will be shared by businesses and the state.
  • Suspension of payments of tax and insurance obligations for businesses that are inevitably discontinued because of the spread of Coronavirus.
  • Establishment of an Employee Support Mechanism in private enterprises whose operation has been temporarily banned due to emergency measures to deal with COVID-19.

Other news:

  • 26 May:  Greece yesterday launched the latest phase of lifting restriction measures with the reopening of cafes, bars and restaurants and the resumption of ferry connections to Greek islands.
  • 25 May: Greece will reopen primary schools, preschools and daycare facilities next Monday, 1 June.
  • 20 May: The Greek economy could shrink by 10% to 13% this year, according to Greek finance minister Christos Staikouras. This is worse than the expected 4.7% to 7.9% contraction Greece signaled to the Commission early May.
  • 19 May: Greece extends the mandatory quarantine period for all visitors coming from abroad until 31 May as a precaution.
  • 18 May:  Greece lifted more restrictions today with high-school students returning to class, shopping malls and outlets reopening and Greeks able to move freely on the mainland and the country’s two largest islands, Crete and Evia. The Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias added that he calls on Europeans to visit Greece this summer as authorities are preparing the country to welcome tourists safely.
  • 14 May: Greece announced that managed beaches can reopen from Saturday.
  • 11 May:  Greece has further lifted restrictions. As of today, all retail shops except those in shopping malls reopened and graduate students returned to schools.
  • 8 May:  Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated that the country wants to open up to tourists as early as 1 July.
  • 4 May: Greece has started lifting some of its lockdown measures. As of today, Greeks are allowed to leave their houses without special permission.
  • 29 April:  Greece announced its exit strategy, which will start of 4 May, when restrictions on the movement of citizens will be lifted and more shops will be allowed to open.
  • 27 April: Greece will announce a plan for the gradual easing of lockdown measures on Tuesday.
  • 23 April: Greece has announced that it will extend its lockdown until 4 May. An exit plan will be presented early next week.