National   E-commerce Association:   FEVAD

FEVAD, the French e-commerce association has launched a section on their website dedicated to news on the Coronavirus outbreak. On this page FEVAD will continue to post relevant articles such as:

FEVAD also shared the French Government’s  Guide to parcel delivery in the COVID-19 context on its website.

Government   sources:

  • France has officially announced its plans to support businesses, including nationalisation. As announced already yesterday, France will directly support businesses with liquidity injections of in total €45 billion. On top of this, €300 billion of state guarantees will be provided via banks.
  • The French government announced it will make €45 billion available to SMEs.
  • In his speech on 16 March, French President Macron announced that France will go in a complete lockdown for 15 days. Everyone who wants to leave their house will need a special authorization form. As of today, 17 March, the French borders will be closed. Freight transport will continue to ensure continuation of economic activity.
  • E-commerce : des offres préférentielles pour permettre aux commerçants de poursuivre une activité


Other news:

  • 28 May:  The French government’s contact-tracing app project was approved by the lower house of parliament. The French app will be launched this weekend.
  • 11 May: France today started its first day of gradual easing of the lockdown measures.
  • 6 May:  France will extend income support to workers from the arts and culture industry, Macron announced.
  • 29 April: France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe explained the national plans to release lockdown measures as of 11 May. The plans will start with the reopening of kindergarten and elementary schools. Further measures will be taken gradually and the state of emergency has been extended until July 23.
  • 27 April: France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe will announce France’s exit strategy on Tuesday.
  • 14 April: French president Emmanuel Macron delivered a speech in which he announced that the lockdown will be extended until 11 May and will be gradually eased afterwards.
  • 8 April: Jean-Francois Delfraissy, head of the medical council advising the French government, stated during a radio interview that the lockdown in France should be extended for several weeks.