National   E-commerce Association: FDIH

The Danish e-commerce association, FDIH, has published the latest figures on the impact of the Coronavirus on Danish online stores.

FDIH also published an article on the EU’s fight against the Coronavirus:

In addition, FDIH is launching online events for its merchants:


Government   sources:

The Danish authorities have announced a range of measures, including compensation for the organizers of major events that are cancelled due to the virus and extending companies’ payment deadline to settle value-added taxes. More information about measures from the Danish authorities can be found here.


Other news:

  • 04 June: As of 15 June, Denmark will allow tourists from Norway, Iceland and Germany to travel to the country, and Danes will in turn be allowed to travel to these countries. The Nordic countries have thereby excluded Sweden from the border deal.
  • 21 April: Denmark has decided to ban all events of more than 500 people until September. If the current measures are not extended, gatherings of up to 500 people will be allowed as of May 10.